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We make our cakes by hand and bake them in ovens like you would in your kitchen at home. This gives them that fresh, delicious homemade taste… because that’s exactly how they’re made. We take great pride and care in decorating our cakes and have developed a special style for every selection. Whether we use our rich buttercream frosting, our luscious cream cheese frosting, or one of our special chocolate frostings, you can be sure each cake is made and decorated with care, using the best ingredients.

Cake Sizes

  • Single layer 9″ round cake – Serves 6
  • Full 9″ round cake – Serves 12 – 14
  • Quarter sheet cake – Serves 15 – 20
  • Half sheet cake – Serves 30 – 40
  • The smallest tiered cake (6″ and 9″ serves approximately 25

For larger parties, just call us – we’ll help you select the perfect size!

Cutting Your Cake

Use a long, sharp knife dipped in hot water. Wipe the knife dry before slicing. Repeat this for each slice you cut to get a nice clean cut. The extra step is worth it.

Your Cake

Your cake should always travel on a flat surface. If your vehicle doesn’t have a flat surface, we’ll help you place the cake in a position that will ensure that it remains stable.

Always refrigerate your cake until one hour before serving. This will ensure that the cake icing stays firm and beautiful.

Refrigerate leftovers for up to seven days or freeze well-wrapped cake for up to three months.

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